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With 1366 Technologies being a very successful start-up developing a proprietary process - called Direct Wafer - to produce the next generation of photo-voltaic solar cells, 90% of the work we do for this client is strictly confidential.
For 1366 we develop mostly graphics, animations, PowerPoints and presentation materials in English, Chinese and other languages.
Below a small selection of the work we can show.
Project: Corporate Image
Project: Websites 2012, 2010
Built on Joomla 1.2, PHP, customized CSS and template. Header developed in Flash, HTML in Dreamweaver.
1366 Home
1366 Mission1366 About Silicon1366 LCR
1366 Market1366 Location
1366 Home
1366 LCR1366 Silicon1366 PV Market
Project: Product sheets, Light Capturing Ribbon (solar cell connector)
Sizes: A3, Tabloid; 4 pages.
Graphics developed in Illustrator
Languages: DE, EN
1366 LCR German 11366 LCR German 2
1366 LCR english 11366 LCR English 2
Project: Exhibition Posters
Size: 60x90 cm
Graphs developed in Illustrator. Photo editing, retouch & montage in Photoshop
 1366 Direct Wafer1366 Silicon Planet1366 LCR