Theme: We're going to delight you
Agency: Idea Publitaria - Santiago
Media: Weeken Magazine, el Mercurio newspaper. Teaserads on two consecutive pages (roll-over to see second ad)

Art Direction & copy: Gerard Prins
Photography: Patricio Jara, client
Enjoy your car 5 days...
Enjoy your car 5 days... pay only 4
Baby seat f1
The charm of our free baby seat is that your children... travel safer
Bici f1
If your excuse for not exercising is that you cannot bring your bike... not anymore
Ski f1
Hopefully, the only time that you'll have your skies above your head... is on our free ski-rack
Celu f1
Talking on our free cell phone while driving is like driving kissing... nice, but not wise
Single page ads
The sun comes (up) for free. This parasol too.
Asistencia en ruta
Road Assistance. It's unlikely you'll ever need it
What is cooler than a cooler? A free cooler!
So you can sleep really well (but not in the car)