Advertising | Sales brochure

Project: Advertising and advertorial campaign
Agency: Idea Publicitaria - Santiago
Art: Gerard Prins, copy: George Anastassiou, Gerard Prins / Julia Riquelme
Graphic production: Tomás Olivares
Photography: Jaime O'Ryan (golf course), Gerard Prins (television), Client (project images)
His house is at 30 min from the city, the course is the extension of his garden... What else can he want for?
We're watching telly for your securityNatural appreciation
More than a project, a green area amidst the cityThe nobility of stone in Valle Escondido
Project: Sales Brochure
Size: 25x32 cm, 12 pages
Design: Gerard Prins
Graphic production, illustration surfaces map and golf course: Tomás Olivares
Photography: Jaime O'Ryan (cover), Gerard Prins, Client
Sales brochure cover
Sales brochure interior 1Sales brochure interior 2
Sales brochure interior 3
Project surfaces chartGolf course greens and holes map